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Is this a new program?

No. Many businesses in the US offer lower prices to customers who are willing to pay by cash. Cash discounting is a common practice at gas stations, healthcare industries, etc.

Can it be seen like a surcharge?

Cash discounts are different from credit card surcharges, which are currently not allowed in 10 states. Offering cash discounts is a business owner’s lawful right. It allows them to reduce the price of a product or service sold at their very own store at their own discretion.

Is this program legal?

Yes. It is legal in all 50 states. The Dodd-Frank Act prohibits payment card networks "from inhibiting the ability of anyone to provide a discount for payment by cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards". 

Can I lose business for promoting cash discounts?

Just the opposite. Businesses that follow this model have not reported any drop in their sales. In fact, customers  may choose to avoid the ATM fee, which can go up to 5%, and pay the credit card processing fee instead. If marketed properly, cash discount offer can play an important role in increasing your product sales.


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